The National Cricket League announces partnership with Global Sports Ventures

Milwaukee, WI April 5, 2017: The National Cricket League, Inc. (NCL) is pleased to announce an association with Global Sports Ventures, LLC (GSV) led by Chairman of Global Sports Ventures, LLC and Rohan Group of Companies, Mr. Jignesh (Jay) Pandya. Global Sports Ventures recently entered into a $70 million licensing agreement with United States America Cricket Association (USACA) to start a professional Twenty20 (T20) league in the United States. To bring this vision to reality, GSV has also announced plans to invest $2.4 billion to build eight cricket stadiums across the United States to professionalize the game in this country. The proposed eight stadiums, each having a capacity of 26,000+/- is being planned in New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Illinois and California that would create as many as 17,800 new jobs in the United States. 

NCL, on the other hand, is involved in organizing national/divisional cricket leagues, promoting talented players, introducing cricket in public and private recreational and school programs, developing cricket infrastructure by providing cricket coaching academy services and umpire training, and developing states and age-group based teams. 

NCL & GSV share the vision of professionalizing cricket in the United States and have agreed to work together in their efforts in developing the sport of cricket in the country. 

Media Contact:

Anuradha Maiya                                      OR                       M. Maruf Alam, M.S., M.B.A., PMP

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